Appeals & Complaints

Mastermind employs a flexible process to address appeals and complaints received from its customers and interested parties associated with the certification body.

An appeal refers to an inquiry initiated by a representative of a client or applicant of Mastermind, wherein the appellant potentially challenges a negative finding (i.e., nonconformity), application denial, or the participation of a specific audit team member in their assessment. Conversely, a complaint is an inquiry from an interested party related to either the operations of the certification body at Mastermind or the operations of a scope certified by Mastermind.

Clients of Mastermind have the option to appeal disputed issues throughout their assessment when they believe that the assigned audit team has not provided a reasonable resolution to a diverging opinion. Upon receiving an appeal, the audit team is promptly notified, and Mastermind appoints a representative who has not participated in the specific assessment to investigate the inquiry. The client is kept informed of the progress of the case, and a final determination on the case is communicated in writing at the time of closure.

When responding to complaints, Mastermind conducts a thorough investigation and addresses the complaint promptly and fairly. The complainant is updated on the progress of the case, while the final determination on the case status is communicated at the time of closure. Matters over client data are withheld due to confidentiality safeguards protecting the disclosure of this information. Complaints submitted to Mastermind are not disclosed publicly unless mandated by a court of law.

Both appeals and complaints may be submitted to Mastermind using the web form available here.